I've written a blog post today about something very important to me, glasses.

I have worn them since I was 14 years old and today I am bringing you this blog in collaboration with Zenni and their incredible range of glasses. Both Zenni and I believe in self expression and there's no better way to do that than the glasses you wear. 

Getting yourself new eyewear is commonly the most difficult and frustrating process. No one has time to do it and when you do, something will more or less go wrong. Zenni makes it easy. From the initial step of measuring your PD to snapping a photo before virtually trying as many frames as you want, Zenni makes it easy. You get all this in a simple fashion, all from the comfort of your own home.

IMG_0255-3 2.JPG

A growing trend in glasses fashion is round shape, thin, "wirey" glasses. Thanks to Zenni and their high-quality, stylish and affordable eyewear, I was able to give this trend a shot for real.


The first glasses shown are the Zenni Silver Metal Round Glasses. With a narrow frame and a super comfortable fit, these glasses are perfect for every look, occasion and need. Here I have paired them with a Hawaiian print shirt and washed black skinny jeans taken before going to a show here in Los Angeles. You could also pair these subtle frames with a suit and even a t-shirt/jeans simple combo. Looks like I just got some new everyday frames.



The next pair, the Silver Rimless Glasses, are similar but give off a whole different attitude. Round frames but a different size, no rim and a lighter feel. 


These glasses really give you a high end feel. This pair are made from stainless steel and the rest of their range are made with other highest quality materials like titanium, acetate as well as advanced ultra-lightweight materials such as Ultem and TR90.


As you can see, I love these glasses and I love what Zenni has done to make these high quality products affordable to everyone. I can't recommend them enough.

Hope you all have an awesome day wherever you are!


Sponsored by Zenni