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I've written a blog post today about something very important to me, glasses.

I have worn them since I was 14 years old and today I am bringing you this blog in collaboration with Zenni and their incredible range of glasses. Both Zenni and I believe in self expression and there's no better way to do that than the glasses you wear. 

Getting yourself new eyewear is commonly the most difficult and frustrating process. No one has time to do it and when you do, something will more or less go wrong. Zenni makes it easy. From the initial step of measuring your PD to snapping a photo before virtually trying as many frames as you want, Zenni makes it easy. You get all this in a simple fashion, all from the comfort of your own home.

IMG_0255-3 2.JPG

A growing trend in glasses fashion is round shape, thin, "wirey" glasses. Thanks to Zenni and their high-quality, stylish and affordable eyewear, I was able to give this trend a shot for real.


The first glasses shown are the Zenni Silver Metal Round Glasses. With a narrow frame and a super comfortable fit, these glasses are perfect for every look, occasion and need. Here I have paired them with a Hawaiian print shirt and washed black skinny jeans taken before going to a show here in Los Angeles. You could also pair these subtle frames with a suit and even a t-shirt/jeans simple combo. Looks like I just got some new everyday frames.



The next pair, the Silver Rimless Glasses, are similar but give off a whole different attitude. Round frames but a different size, no rim and a lighter feel. 


These glasses really give you a high end feel. This pair are made from stainless steel and the rest of their range are made with other highest quality materials like titanium, acetate as well as advanced ultra-lightweight materials such as Ultem and TR90.


As you can see, I love these glasses and I love what Zenni has done to make these high quality products affordable to everyone. I can't recommend them enough.

Hope you all have an awesome day wherever you are!


Sponsored by Zenni


The Escape - Mr.Burberry


The Escape - Mr.Burberry


So excited to bring you guys this blog post in partnership with Burberry and their incredible new fragrance, Mr. Burberry Indigo.

I was set a challenge by the Burberry team to show you guys my version of an Indigo Escape, from start to finish. 

final edit of 2.jpg

Before I start, I want to share a few words about the fragrance itself.  The Mr. Burberry Indigo Eau de Toilette is incredibly fresh with citrus and woody notes, reminiscent of crisp air along the British coast. This, of course, takes me back to growing up in England and gives me that feeling of being back home again. You could simply say that this fragrance is a breath of fresh air. 


As I said before, to celebrate the fragrance launch I was given a challenge to show you my version of an Indigo Escape.


I live so far from home these days, over 5000 miles away in fact. This has meant I have to find things in LA that remind me of the place I grew up in. Luckily for me, my destination matched the tones of fragrance. The mix of spearmint, lemon and rosemary are quintessentially Malibu. 


What makes the journey to Malibu so incredible is the history you pass on the way. Whilst driving I passed a vintage gas station, the chrome edges shining bright in the LA sun. It perfectly reflected the colors and vibe that I wanted to show you guys. 


The destination itself is incredible. Malibu is word renowned for it's beauty and tranquility. Miles and miles of beaches, amazing fresh food at every turn and the sound of the waves crashing behind you. This time I found something different as I arrived to Paradise Cove. There was a row of air streamers parked atop a hill, overlooking the beach below. Surrounded by gardens and fresh plants, the air reflected the citrus and woody notes the fragrance brings you. 


Thank you again to Burberry for giving me this opportunity to show you all Indigo Escape.

See you soon!




A January Spring


A January Spring


A new year is upon us and there's no better way to start a year than to freshen up your wardrobe. I've picked one new look to show you, with some fresh denim, a new simple tee and a print shirt to finish it off.

Pineapple Short Sleeve Shirt


On top, a new shirt from Express. This bold number really makes your look pop. With it's spread collar, button front and shirttail hem, this shirt really works best when layering with a simple colored shirt underneath. 


AllSaints Black Tee

This is a new pickup from me and it really just speaks for itself. A simple black tee with a great length and great shoulder cut. I can pair this with almost anything. Black jeans? Yes. Denim jacket? Yes. Sweats? Yes. Simple, sophisticated. 



These jeans, new in from Express, are my favorite pair for the new year. They are super stretchy, super comfortable and extremely versatile. I love the edgy destruction at the bottom and the cropped style. You can do what I did and pair them with a pair of shoes only, or you can wear some bright stylish socks and low top shoes for an added dimension to your outfit. These jeans are super skinny, so if you grab a pair (which you should), get a size bigger!


Louis Leeman White Low Tops

A classic shoe. White. Leather. Smooth. I love everything about these. You can wear them with everything. I mean it. Everything. Black Jeans. Blue Jeans. Cargo. Slacks. Shorts. I love them. They are incredibly comfortable and incessantly stylish. A must have.


Hope you guys enjoyed this look! I'll be doing this much more, giving you three to four different looks a month :)

Have ean amazing day!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Express. The opinions and text are all mine.


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December Vibes


It's finally December (though it's 80 degrees in LA) and it's time to dress for winter. I'm bringing you a festive look for this holiday season. Hope you all enjoy!

Fair Isle Shawl Collar Cardigan


There's nothing like a festive cardigan to bring some holiday season vibes to your look. This one from Express brings you a cozy knit fabric combined with a timeless look than can be paired with everything and anything. The shawl collar gives you a classic look to combine with a t-shirt/shirt or sweater. 


Balenciaga: Black Campaign Logo T-Shirt


I have always been in love with this tee since it debuted on the runway. I finally got my hands on it a few weeks ago and I've been wearing it non stop. It's simple, fits perfectly and the print is an homage to Bernie Sanders, one of my favorite people. Perfect.

Super Skinny Black Destroyed Stretch + Jeans


This pair of jeans from Express delivers on all fronts. Extremely comfortable, fantastic fit and a great look for any occasion. The jeans sit low on the waist and have a great tapered ankle that sits just above the ankle making them perfect for both low rise sneakers and boots. 

Louis Leeman White Sneakers


White sneakers have become synonymous with fashion and these are my go to pair. Made in Italy from the finest Italian leather, these shoes fit like a glove. Pair them with your best black jeans and a white tee and you're set. I'm in love with them.

Hope you all enjoyed the post!

Happy Holidays!



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Express. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Holiday Season Looks


Holiday Season Looks


Back on the blog with another look that I hope you guys enjoy. I'm focusing on outerwear as it's starting to get a little colder outside and the top piece of your look is the most important. 



I've wanted to own one of these pieces for awhile and finally I have one. A simple, laid back camel top coat is a winter essential. This one from Express fits the bill perfectly. From the four-button cuffs to the spread collar and button front, it is exactly what you need to complete any look this winter. Pair it with a tee, black jeans and sneakers and you have a cool sophisticated look for going out. 



This top is one of my faves. I combine it with anything and everything. Leather jackets? Yep. Denim jackets? Yep. Bomber jackets? Yes. By itself? Yeah sure thing of course. It has an oversized fit that gives it more options when it comes to styling under clothing.



Once again, here are my go-to black jeans. They have a tight fit and are super comfortable. They have a perfectly tapered ankle so they will not hang over your boots awkwardly as many jeans do. I have not tailored these at all, this is just how they fit.



A new pick up that has become my favorite. Black suede, leather sole and a high top structure. I love them. I got mine with the wider sole to add an extra level of comfort and support. 

Thank for reading you guys, let me know what you think :)


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Express. The opinions and text are all mine.



Pay It Forward with HP



As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve partnered with HP over the holiday season to generate awareness for the “Pay It Forward” campaign they‘re running.


I took part on World Kindness Day on November 13th where I mentioned a moment of wonder that helped me down the path I’m on today.

I want to go into that a little more right now.


When i was living in London I’d spend weekends at soup kitchens serving food and drinks to those who need it the most. From children to grandparents, everyone needed a little help. This allowed me to see life through others eyes as well as help those in my community. It made me appreciative for what I had growing up and what I have moving forward.


Helping others is easy. It’s simple. We, as a community and society don’t do it enough.

Now, as a 24 year old, I want to do the same thing in Los Angeles. Here’s what I’m going to do for my “Pay It Forward” project.


I plan to organize a group in my community to volunteer at a soup kitchen leading up to the holidays. Thanks to HP, I've been able to use the Spectre to create a virtual poster to post on my social accounts to encourage you all to get out and help the homeless and those in need as well.


Providing happiness, comfort and joy to someone in need should be something we all do.

Hope you all have an amazing holiday season,



#ReinventGiving with HP

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#ReinventGiving with HP


I’ve partnered with HP over the holiday season to generate awareness for the new Spectre x360.


I’m going to be taking part in World Kindness Day on November 13th where I’ll reflect on a moment of wonder that helped me down the path I’m on today. After that I’m going to pay it forward, but those details will be revealed soon.

Firstly however I want to give you a personal insight into the Spectre x360. I’m going to be using this product later during this collaboration to design posters so I think it would be great to give you my thoughts on it first. 

I’m a stickler for good design & the Spectre x360 delivers on all fronts. This is a great, premium laptop which can be hard to find in today’s market. From its cohesive design to its lack of compromises, the Spectre x360 delivers on all fronts. 


The x360 is a laptop that can easily switch to a fully fledged tablet with ease. It’s thin. It’s light. It’s powerful. The body is made entirely from aluminum which gives it a high quality feel. The speaker system is brought to you by Bang & Olufsen and it’s the best sounding laptop speaker system on the market. 


On top of that, it has a great full size keyboard (I love the clicks), a no lag touchpad and a beautiful screen. Coming in at 1080p with especially wide viewing angles and vibrant colors, it’s perfect for watching movies and editing photos. One of my favorite features is the fingerprint sensor on the side that you can use to log in. It’s a feature that delivers wonder and more importantly, works every single time. 


But perhaps my favorite feature is the pen and the endless possibilities you have when using it. The inking possibilities are a big draw to me. On my Spectre, I have various different apps installed that allow me to make the most of the pen. 

Firstly, I use the pen for photo editing. My job is photo based and I have to edit photos every single day. Having the pen allows me to be more detailed with my edits and have greater control over the final image. 


Secondly, the pen allows me to be more creative. This ties in with the partnership I have with HP. I’m going to be creating posters on the Spectre x360 for their holiday campaign and that wouldn’t be possible without their pen technology. 


Hope you are all having an amazing day!

Check back for more soon :)


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Layers On Layers



It's finally my favorite time of the year, fall. This time of the year has everything I want. From Halloween to amazing food to the cooler fall weather (even though it is 100 degrees in LA this week).

I put together this look for you guys and girls. It's very simple but involves one of my favorite things about this time of year, layering.


Genuine Suede Sherpa Moto Jacket

I love this piece from Express. Made from genuine suede with a removable Sherpa collar, this jacket is perfect for every imaginable situation in fall. From pairing like I have, with a tee and flannel, to perhaps a thick knit sweater, this jacket gives you the ability to change up your look around a signature piece. This jacket has fantastic details like the shoulder epaulettes that add to the sophistication. 


Plaid Flannel Shirt

Another Express piece. A lot of people would go with a red or dark green flannel with this outfit but I have chosen to change that up with a dark blue number. This soft flannel combines nicely with the color off the moto jacket. It's also just incredibly comfortable. This shirt is super simple but has some great touches. The contested interior stands out and adds a nice texture to any look.

AllSaints Tee

Nothing too crazy here, just a simple black tee from AllSaints. Super comfortable, super simple and can be paired with anything. It's a t shirt haha.


Miansai Dove Necklace

I can't stop wearing this necklace. It's my favorite. This dove pendant necklace hangs on a 24" sterling silver chain. It's perfect. So so perfect.


AllSaints Cigarette Print Jeans

These are my current go-to jeans for fall. They fit incredibly well an have a nice tailored ankle which can be very difficult to find. They also have stretch which is perfect for the amount of food i am about to stuff in my body over the next few months. They are a distressed black/grey color and the wash is perfect.


RM Williams Chelsea Boot

What else can I say about these boots? I am lucky enough to have a pair of these. They were just featured by GQ as a fall clothing essential. They stand out without being too much and they go with anything. If you know me, you know I love chelsea's. I have around 6 pairs now, all different colors and materials but these are my favorite. Just look at them. 


Thanks for reading another blog post :) This is just one look but I'll be posting more this week. I hope you're all having a great day!